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85 Parsenn Road
Winter Park
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How much snow are the computers forecasting for Winter Park?
Short Range Forecast Discussion

Light and spotty showers on a colder Wednesday/ Partly cloudy and milder Thursday and Friday/ Big storm Saturday and Sunday/ Clearing out on a chilly Monday

(Check out our US snow pack - snow depth - snow temperature - new snow - etc. maps!)

Forecast updated for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Today looks cooler with isolated to scattered light showers across the area, and snow levels a bit high, about 9,500 feet, as most moisture and cold air pass to the north with a low pressure system. Thursday and Friday look partly cloudy and with breezy conditions. At the same time, a STRONG and cold low pressure system is affecting the Pacific Northwest and west coast. This storm moves in, possibly as a southerly tracking storm, Saturday and Sunday, but with significant snow for all areas as Saturday favors southwest Colorado (southwest flow, southerly track), and Sunday favors the north (intensifying low out on the plains, unsettled northwest flow aloft). We will be watching. Monday clears out as the storm moves further east and is followed by a high pressure ridge. Please be sure to log-in and favorite your resort forecasts so you save time. CM

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12,060 ft
9,000 ft
3,060 ft
4.6 miles
RESORT INFO ↑28° ↓22° ↑42° ↓30°
  • Last Update 23 Apr @ 05:04
  • Snow Past 24 Hours 0 in
  • Snow Past 48 Hours 0 in
  • Season Total 371 in
  • Average Base Depth 74 in
2in, past 72 hours. Snow surface is spring conditions and loose granular.
Today's Snow Potential
A trace above 9,500 feet
What's Open?
  • Trails112 of 143
  • Lifts9 of 26
  • Acreage2074 of 3081 (79%)
Other Info
  • Groomed Night Ski Trails35 (35%)
23 Wednesday ↑28° ↓22° ↑42° ↓30°
Sky Condition
Partly to mostly cloudy and colder, with isolated to scattered showers, and snow levels between 9,500 and 10,000 feet. Clouds clear by late day and this evening.
Isolated to scattered showers
Snow Potential
A trace above 9,500 feet
Base; Variable at 4-12mph, becoming SW at 10 to 20 gusts to 30mph. Above timberline; Becoming W/ NW at 20 to 30 gusts to 45mph.
24 Thursday ↑31° ↓10° ↑47° ↓15°
Sky Condition
Partly cloudy and milder with breezy conditions.
None expected
Snow Potential
None expected
Base; Variable at 4-12mph, becoming W at 10 to 20 gusts to 30mph. Above timberline; Becoming W/ NW at 15 to 25 gusts to 40mph.
25 Friday ↑40° ↓20° ↑55° ↓22°
Sky Condition
Partly cloudy and milder still, with an approaching storm.
None expected
Snow Potential
None expected
Base; Variable at 4-12mph, becoming SW at 10 to 20 gusts to 30mph. Above timberline; Becoming W/ NW at 20 to 30 gusts to 40mph.
26 Saturday ↑35° ↓23° ↑49° ↓25°
Sky Condition
Partly cloudy in the morning, becoming cloudy with showers developing. Snow levels go from 10,000 feet (afternoon) to 8,000 feet (overnight).
Showers likely
Snow Potential
3 to 6 inches of snowfall, mostly late (more above 10,000 feet)
Base; Variable at 4-12mph, becoming S/ SW at 10 to 20mph. Above timberline; Becoming S at 20 to 30 gusts to 45mph (winds become west/ northwest overnight).
27 Sunday ↑19° ↓14° ↑33° ↓22°
Sky Condition
Cloudy and colder with continued snow showers, plus snow levels to 8,000 feet.
Snow likely
Snow Potential
4 to 7 inches of snowfall
Base; Becoming NW at 15 to 25 gusts to 35mph. Above timberline; Becoming NW at 25 to 35 gusts to 50mph.
28 Monday ↑21° ↓4° ↑37° ↓11°
Sky Condition
Snow showers linger early, followed by partly cloudy skies and a chilly day.
30% chance for snow early
Snow Potential
A trace to 1 inch of snow early
Base; Becoming SW at 15 to 25 gusts to 35mph. Above timberline; Becoming NW at 25 to 40 gusts to 60mph.
Long Range Forecast Discussion:

7 day to 2 week+ forecast (since 1998) - 29 April to 09 May, 2014 - High pressure ridging aloft may hold for most of next week, with much warmer spring-like temperatures and less wind under mostly sunny skies. We will have to watch for a potential storm late next week. Winter is not over yet for the Colorado high country, but it seems to be tapering off, in general. CM

Longer Range Outlook

As of now, April 2014, we are continuing to be affected by an ENSO-Neutral, or La Nada Sea Surface Temperature pattern across the Equatorial Eastern Pacific (SSTs near to slightly below average).

Current SST pattern- La Nada

The larger time-scale SST pattern in place right now is a cool phase PDO, or negative PDO, which stands for Pacific Decadal Oscillation. This is a more long term pattern (decades), and it has made any recent years El Nino SST patterns weaker.

We expect the ENSO Neutral, or La Nada pattern (almost a La Nina) to continue, and in the last 30 days we have seen more of a La Nina pattern develop with colder SST's along the eastern Equatorial Pacific and even the region 3.4 always referred to, though less so in 3.4. We are not seeing the trend toward El Nino yet.

Since we are seeing an actual cooling of the eastern Equatorial Pacific in the last month, and not much change in the 3.4 region, we expect this to not bode well for a shift out of a La Nada pattern, yet. If we start to see warming in the region mentioned, then we expect a potential strengthening jet stream across the Pacific, and increased moisture in general for Pacific storms as they move in more directly off the Pacific. We will keep this outlook updated as more information becomes available. If you want to know when the snow is coming (and be able to set unlimited alerts for any resort), within 5 minutes or less of us (our our sources) entering the data into any of our forecasts, be sure to download the app.



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